ConocoPhillips Colombia lived the magic of the Vallenato Legend Festival, supporting the children and youth category of Piloneras (dance with typical costumes of the region). During this event, the ConocoPhillips Colombia team had the opportunity to meet, learn and live the vallenato folklore, which transmits part of the enormous cultural wealth of Colombia. The Vallenato Legend Festival recreates the magic of the region where myths, customs, and experiences are part of the literature that inspires the lyrics of this music. This event takes place in Valledupar, capital from Cesar department where the blocks VMM2 and VMM3 operated by ConocoPhillips Colombia are located. To be part of this festival was an experience that let ConocoPhillips understand the importance of this cultural spectacle and its performance in the communities close to the operation areas, feeling close to the “People”, living the SPIRIT values of the company, as well as to the principles of diversity and inclusion. “The Festival allowed us to learn about the beliefs, customs and oral heritage of the region that is magically transmitted through their music. This allows us to have a better relationship with our stakeholders in the area and helps us better understand how to integrate local values into our future operating plans.” said Laura Albarracin, Communications Coordinator ConocoPhillips Colombia team.

Source: FundaciĆ³n Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata (Vallenato Legend Festival Foundation) a non-profit private entity in charge of the promotion, publicity and defense of vallenato music as one of the immaterial cultural legacies of Colombia.

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